Ninja: a person who excels in a particular skill or activity.

All companies begin with a dream by business owners like you! You have an inspiring vision and a driving passion to provide your product or service to the world. Too often though, business owners encounter challenges that take them out of their comfort zone. Whether you feel stuck in a single area or have simply become overwhelmed by the constant demand of operating, managing and growing a successful business, you don’t have to face the situation alone. Back Office Ninjas are here to support you at every stage.

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Business Management

When it comes to business management, Back Office Ninjas strives to build strong client relationships that surpass the basic elements of managing administrative details. We do whatever we can to support you and your business. Our firm specializes in small to medium size companies, understanding that as the business owner, you want to be in front of your customers not drowning under the pressure of administrative tasks.

Business Management Business Management

Human Resource Management

Back Office Ninjas is available to administer new employee onboarding, have the tough conversations, and be a liaison between you and your employees. Our ninjas operate as the sole Human Resource department for several of our clients, providing support with HR compliance and strategic initiatives. Our team specializes in advancing your HR department, while keeping your business in compliance. We understand when it comes to employment laws, policy and procedures, employers can feel overwhelmed by the ongoing changes. We are constantly learning and staying updated with the most recent employment and leave laws with clients spanning across several state lines, from California to New York!

Human Resource Management Human Resource Management

Benefits Administration

Many day-to-day benefits administration functions can be time-consuming and employee-intensive. Processes like enrollment, billing and claims administration need to be performed as efficiently as possible to maintain profitability and ensure satisfaction. Our company offers an efficient and cost-effective means of supplementing your existing business operations and addressing an immediate need situation. We have the expertise and proven methodologies to help you keep your operation running smoothly and deliver enhanced service to employers, providers and plan members.

Benefits Administration Benefits Administration

Who are Back Office Ninjas

Stealthy Business Professionals

We are a company comprised of dedicated and highly-skilled business professionals who are passionate about solving employer problems or taking on special projects for companies of any size. Our goal is to give back to business owners the time lost on activities that distract them from their dream. We do this by rescuing them from the suffocating crush of back office paperwork, giving valuable time back to business activities that produce value and profit.


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