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[service icon=”puzzle” title=”Ninja: a person who excels in a particular skill or activity.” size=”32″]All companies begin with a dream by business owners like you! You have an inspiring vision and a driving passion to provide your product or service to the world. Too often though, business owners encounter challenges that take them out of their comfort zone. Whether you feel stuck in a single area or have simply become overwhelmed by the constant demand of operating, managing and growing a successful business, you don’t have to face the situation alone—Back Office Ninjas are here to support you at every stage.

Our Ninjas are here to work with business owners like you! We get you back in front of your customers, doing what you love!


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[heading]Why Choose US?[/heading]
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[spoiler title=”Who are Back Office Ninjas” open=”1″ style=”2″]We are a company comprised of dedicated and highly-skilled business professionals who are passionate about solving employer problems or taking on special projects for companies of any size. We can help you maintain your 401 (k) plan, update an old employee handbook as well as assist in other areas such as accounting, payroll, FMLA and HR to take the burden off of you. See our list of services here. We minimize potential risks by keeping up with changes in employment and business practices that can also impact profits.


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[spoiler title=”Our Competitive Difference” open=”1″ style=”1″ ]Because we are a full scope firm, we offer a more robust solution than our competitors. Our team’s diverse knowledge and extensive business experience allows us to go beyond answering your basic questions and focus on your organization as a whole. Our Ninja squad offers a free consultation where we evaluate your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.  The consultation provides a report card with recommendations showing where improvements can be made.

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